In this area you can find materials, preparational info, downloads and much more for the Go deep dissemination workshops. Running from january till may in five cities; 

- Puglia (Italy) 

- Padova (Italy) 

- Madrid (Spain) 

- Edinbrugh (Scotland) 

- Amsterdam (Holland) 

Go Deep Project is a European Project, to develop a new methodology to support leadership and facilitation with groups of young people.

The italian meeting in october will be the last of the european project GO DEEP! and it meant to be the test of the game we’ve developed in the past months. We’ll have some moment of design and reflection and feedback, and some others of playing with the local community.

The meeting will be a gathering of the 5 european partners, but also some youths coming from the different countries, and from all around Italy. We’ll also have a local association partner and few young people from the place, to be trained in the new methodology.

We’ll meet in Grottaglie, a beautiful town close to Taranto, in the region Puglia, south of Italy.

The local partner association in called ‘Babele’ and works with issues of diversity, immigration and integration: they have their home in the old city center, close to the castle. The idea is to cooperate with Babele and the local municipality, to involve in the game different stakeholders:the schools, other associations, the all community of the historical center.

All together we’ll face the different challenges of the go deep game, to do something ‘spectacular’ in few days, and explore the world of relationships! Go deep methodology will be a deepening and a synthesis of 2 existing methodologies: The Oasis Game and Processwork.

We want to create exciting, useful and fun ways to help youth workers and young people to learn together and to develop the skills they need to engage and transform communities.

The project is granted by European Union through Erasmus+. Partners involved: Xena Centro Scambi e dinamiche interculturali (Itlay), Altekio (Spain), Com